• Galante 'El Emperador' and Randy 'Nota Loca' - Una Nota Con Elegancia

    1.Galante Ft Randy – No Me La Compares
    2.Galante – Delito
    3.Galante Ft Randy – Chikilla Loka
    4.Randy Ft Tony Lenta and Pipe Calderon – 3 Deseos
    5.Galante Ft Arcangel – Tu Juguetito

  • Eme Music Presenta Los Duros

    1. Eme ‘El Mago’ – Intro (Prod. Santana)
    2. Baby Rasta y Gringo Feat. Pacho y Cirilo, Nengo Flow, Voltio, Kendo Kaponi y J.Alvarez – Los Duros
    3. Kendo Kaponi – Perros y Demonios
    4. Baby Rasta y Gringo – Luna Llena
    5. Kendo Kaponi Feat. J Alvarez – Así Soy

  • Musicologo and Menes Present - El Imperio Nazza (The Mixtape)

    1. Intro
    2. Arcangel Feat. Daddy Yankee - Guaya
    3. Carnal - La Rosa Negra
    4. Genio and Baby Johnny - La Roquerita
    5. Farruko - Ganas

  • Alex Kyza - Street King

    1. Alex Kyza – Cherry Kush
    2. Alex Kyza – Que Pase Lo Que Pase
    3. Alex Kyza Ft. Arcangel and De La Ghetto – Muero Por Los Mios
    4. Alex Kyza – Muy Lento
    5. Alex Kyza Ft. De La Ghetto – Quien Te Dijo?

  • Chingy - Jackpot Back

    1.Jackpot Back
    3.We N Hurr
    4.Good Up (Ft. Samo, J Jus, Niddy)
    5.I Am (Ft. Rich Money, Shaun Li, Lil Bit, Niddy)

  • J Balvin - Mix Tape

    1.Seguire Subiendo
    2.En Lo Oscuro
    3.Sin Compromiso
    4.Como Yo
    5.Me Gustas Tú

  • Paul Wall - No Sleep Til Houston

    1.Im Real, You Fake ft Bun B, D Boss
    2.Bread On The Menu ft Killa Kyleon
    3.Right Now ft D Boss
    4.2cups ft Michael 5000 Watts
    5.Bad Bitchez ft Slim Thug

Saturday, 31 March 2012

[Photos of Making] Jennifer Lopez Ft. Wisin & Yandel - Follow The Leader

Friday, 30 March 2012

[Official Video] Daddy Yankee feat.Arcangel - Guaya

Finally here is the long awaited video called Guaya between Daddy Yankee and Arcangel. The song is made by Musicologo & Menes and is a big reggaeton hit. Here you can see very nice video so watch it and enjoy!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

[Official Video] J Alvarez - La Pregunta

Here is the newest video by J Alvarez called La Pregunta. It is long awaited video but it worths and the video is finally here so watch it and enjoy!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

[Official Video] Chingy - We N Hurr (Real Niggas In Paris)

Chingy just shot some scenes in Paris for his single We N Hurr off the mixtape Jackpot Back. Seems like all artists have a big interest to the capital of France recently.

Monday, 26 March 2012

[Behind The Scenes] Cheka - Caliente

Here is the making of Caliente a hot track by Cheka. We expect soon the full video.

[Behind The Scenes] Jadiel "El Tsunami" - Me Descontrolo

So another hit from El Imperio Nazza is going to have official video. Jadiel presents the Behind the scenes of Me Descontrolo, which is filmed in Chile. The official video will be ready soon.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

[Download] Auudi Feat. Pain Digital & Don Severo – Saca La Chamaca

It's always good when Auudi presents something new. It's a shame he's so underrated. This one is again with Pain Digital and Don Sovero. Saca La Chamaca got some catchy rithm and I really hope that it's the prequel to some more new songs by Auudi & Pain Digital.

[Download] Reykon & Jockey - Vamos A Hacer El Amor

Another track from Columbia. Reykon Feat. Jockey - Vamos Hacer El Amor.

[Tracklist] J Alvarez - Otro Nivel De Musica Reloaded

01.J Alvarez – Por Encima De Ti (Intro)
02.J Alvarez – Tu Aroma
03.J Alvarez – Entre El Amor Y El Odio
04.J Alvarez – Hoy Desperte
05.J Alvarez – Actua
06.J Alvarez Ft Farruko – No Demor
07.J Alvarez – Estar Contigo
08.J Alvarez Ft. Zion & Lennox – Alucinandote
09.J Alvarez Ft. Voltio – Nombre No Confirmado
10.J Alvarez – La Musica Es Vida
11.J Alvarez – Aqui Se Va A Quedar
12.J Alvarez Ft Yaga & Mackie – After Party
13.J Alvarez – Sonar
14.J Alvarez Ft Arcangel – S.O.S
So there's the supposed tracklist to one project that we all want to hear J Alvarez - Otro Nivel De Musica Reloaded. As Otro Nivel De Musica was one of the most successful reggeton albums in 2011 J Alvarez will try to double up his success. As you can see there are 14 brand new tracks that we'll hear very soon.

[Download] Prynce El Armamento- Close Up

Prynce El Armamento is another fast growing reggaetonero with some good flow. Here's his new song Close Up.

[Download] Nicky Jam - Curiosidad

After a long break Nicky Jam returns with some new songs. Here's another one - Curiosidad.

[Download] Ivy Queen - Peligro De Extincion (Prod. by Predikador & Noriega)

Ivy Queen the diva of reggaeton is back with her song called Peligro De Extincion. The track is produced by Predikador & Noriega and all fans of Ivy Queen will be very happy.

[Download] Gotay El Autentico - Solo Decian Mmm (Prod. by Josh "The Secret Code")

Gotay keeps getting better and better. He just droped his new track Solo Decian Mmm produced by Josh "The Secret Code". It's good song but the best part definitely is the chorus. It's very cachy and you'll love that "Mmm-mm-m":)

[Download] Daddy Yankee Feat. Plan B - Llevo Tras De Ti (Prod. by Haze)

Now that's something solid. Some weeks ago a low quallity version of Llevo Tras De Ti quickly circulated in Internet. So now Daddy Yankee & Plan B bring to us the mastered version. It's produced by Fino Como El Haze and with some little touches is much better than the old version. Enjoy!

[Download] D.Ozi Feat. Arcangel - Pocos Que Meten Mano (Prod. By Bozz & Frabian Eli)

D.Ozi just dropped his next good malianteo featuring Arcangel.

[Download] Chris G - Pa Que Esperar (Prod. by Montana & Radikal)

The Colombian reggaetonoero Chris G is developing very fast and for this helps his collaborations with J Alvarez and Lui-G 21 Plus. But he also does pretty good job solo as in this song Pa Que Esperar, produced by Montana "The Producer & Radikal.

[Behind The Scenes] Cheka - Caliente

Caliente attracted the attention of the fans when came out as it was something different than the other releases by the team Cheka and the Colombian producer Saga Neutron. So now it's time this hit to be filmed. The video is being directed by Freddy Paz and is shooting in Cali, Colombia. All Cheka fans will be able to see the whole video very soon.

[Official Video] Mega Tu Dulcero - Que Nadie Se Entere

Mega Tu Dulcero has just dropped his latest video to the song Que Nadie Se Entere. The song is maybe the best he released recently and it deserved to be filmed. The video is simple but looks good and the fans will like it.

[Preview] El Majadero Feat. Juno "The HitMaker" - Soledad

The quality of this preview is very low but it always worth when Juno "The HitMaker" is involved. Seems he's working on some nice balads and this one titled Soledad is with El Majadero.

[Behind The Scenes] Guelo Star - Don Pistola

There's somebehind the scenes to Guelo Star - Don Pistola. This is a good project since it's produced by Predikador and director of the video is Jose Javy Ferrer

Saturday, 24 March 2012

[Official Video] Endo - Mambo & Pistolas (Prod. by Musicologo & Menes)

Here's another one off Musicologo's channel. Recently Los De La Nazza work a lot with the Masacre Musical boys and they do it good. This one by Endo is called Mambo & Pistolas and sounds pretty good with some mambo electronico flow.

[Download] Yomo - Ella No Vacila (Prod. By Georgie Miliano, DJ Victor & AG “La Voz”)

Here's another one by Yomo titled Ella No Vacila. Very good flow by him. Mi Profecia is coming soon.

Friday, 23 March 2012

[Download] RKM & Ken-Y - Cuando Te Enamores

Right before the shocking new about Raphy Pina there was something much more pleasant from Pina Records - the new song of RKM & Ken-Y titled Cuando Te Enamores. As you know they are the most romantic duo in the reggaeton genre and this song is in their style, so enjoy

[Breaking News] Raphy Pina arrested!

This is the new from the last hours that shakes the latin-music world. The famous producer and owner of Pina Records - Raphy Pina has been arrested by IRS in New York. The reggaeton producer is accused in fraud and money laundering. Some sources say that he was together with Plan B - Chencho & Maldy at this time.
Some fans already has made "Free Raphy Pina" campaigns over the internet. Everyone's asking what will happen to his successful company Pina Records, which produces some of the best artists in the genre like Plan B, Zion & Lennox, RKM & Ken-Y. Also the last contracts are with Jalil Lopez and one of the top artists in the genre - Arcangel. The compilation album La Formula is also one of the most awated projects in urban music. Does the arrest of Raphy Pina will affect his company, the artists and all projects that fans love. We'll stay tuned for more news.

[Official Video] Game Feat. Kendrick Lamar - The City

There's another video off Game's Red Album. The City feat. Kendrick Lamar.

[Official Video] Trey Songz - Sex Ain't Better Than Love

Trey Songz has just dropped the video Sex Ain't Better Than Love off his EP Inevitable. On March 26th we expect his new single Hear Attack which will be included in his upcoming album Chapter V.

[Coming Soon] Zion & Lennox Feat. Yomo - Cantazo (La Formula)

Yomo confirmed in his Twitter he's working with Raphy Pina, the owner of one of the most succesful latin-music labels Pina Records. The upcoming hit Cantazo which features also Zion & Lennox will be included in the compilation La Formula. About the song there were a lot of rumours in the net, but still there isn't official releasing date, so we are waiting.

[Tracklist] Jamsha - Cafreria Epica

1. Flaka Si Te Cojo Te Palto
2. Su Hija Se Enamoró De Un Kako
3. El Padrote
4. Te Dí Un Grajeo
5. Soltero
6. Te Voy A Entretener
7. Hermanitos
8. Alguien Que La Valore
9. Tan Lindo Y Tan Pato
10. Aunque Lo Niegues Esnuita Yo Te Vi
11. El Condón Se Rompió Con Una Prepago
12. Flejetón

So here's the tracklist of the upcoming new digital album by Jamsha "El PutiPuerko" - the most colorific reggaetonero. The album will be released 27th of March. Stay tuned for more news and follow him on Twitter: @jamsha_

Monday, 12 March 2012

[Video Preview] Jowell & Randy - Ragga Dub

There were some pictures, but finally here's a video preview of Ragga Dub by Jowell & Randy. It's quite colourful, typically for Jowel & Randy. We expect the video and the album Sobredoxis soon.

[Download] J-King & Maximan Feat. Nengo Flow, Arcangel, De La Ghetto, Randy, Alexis, Jamsha & Chyno Nyno - Siente (Official Remix)

Here's something that every reggaeton fan expects. The remix of Siente. We all know that in the genre J-King & Maximan are the best with the remix, especially the long ones with a lot of stars. This time they brought Nengo Flow, who's also in the original, Arcangel, De La Ghetto, Randy, Alexis, Jamsha & Chyno Nyno. Is it good or what:) Listen and enjoy:)

[Download] Gaona Feat. Nengo Flow & Dvice - Hace Tiempo (Prod. by Kongreezy)

Another good reggaeton collaboration: Gaona, Ñengo Flow & Dvice in this song Hace Tiempo. It's produced by Kongreezy.

[Download] Chris G Feat. J Alvarez & Lui-G 21 Plus - Nueva Esperanza (Prod. by Montana The Producer)

These guys work together not for the first time, so we know what to expect from this collaboration - Chris G, J Alvarez & Lui-G 21 Plus. The result this time Nueva Esperanza is pretty good also because it's produced by Montata The Producer.

[Download] Prynce "El Armamento" Feat. Juno "The Hitmaker" - No Me Hables De Amor (Official Remix)

After successful releasing the mixtape Huellas Prynce "El Armamento" promised some remixes and the first one of them of No Me Hables De Amor with Juno "The HitMaker". Now here's the result. It's really good and even better than the original thanks to Juno.

[Download] Farruko - Titerito

Here's one of the most expected songs in the reggaeton genre. The new single Titerito by Farruko is already out. Very soon we also expect the official video.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

[Official Video] Ace Hood - Hallucination

Ace Hood is almost ready with his album Starvation, scheduled March 30th. Here's the video of Hallucination. The video is dark and even creepy, so I like it! Hope you like it, too.

[Official Video] Usher - Climax

This is the official video Climax. Honestly I wasn't impressed at all when I heard the song produced by Diplo and performed by Usher. Actually as a big fan of Usher I was disappointed. This style doesn't suit him at all. i hope he'll return to the pure R&B. But the video is pretty good with some scenario and good scenes, so press play.

[Official Video] Young Jeezy - Leave You Alone (Explicit) ft. Ne-Yo

Some days ago we watched behind the scenes about this video - Leave You Alone. Now the video is ready and is really good. I don't remember the last video with Ne-Yo not wearing suit. He looks very good in casual. And the chorus he made is very good, like the good old R&B without the Techno DJs stuff. Young Jeezy also has done good rapping on the verses. And the video is pretty good with some story on it. Watch it and enjoy!

[Official Video] Emanny Ft. Jadakiss - Young and Ready

Here's the official video of Young & Ready. We can see on it the young talent Emanny who makes some pretty good R&B verses supported by the rapper Jadakiss.

Friday, 9 March 2012

[Behind The Scenes] Ashanti - The Woman You Love

Hereis the preview of Ashanti 's video called The Woman You Love. It is from the second day so watch it.

[Official Video] Chino y Nacho - Bebé Bonita ft. Jay Sean

Here is the official video Bebe Bonita which is the result from the collaboration between Jay Sean and Chino&Nacho. It is an interesting video so watch it and enjoy!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

[Track List] Jowell & Randy - Sobredoxis

Track List:
Jowell & Randy – Sobredoxis (Intro) (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy – Shorty 2 (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy – Ragga Dub (Sobredoxis) (Already Out!)
Jowell & Randy – Living in Your World (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy – Lo Bueno Se Tarda (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy – El Nene Lindo (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy – (Unconfirmed name) (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Tego Calderon – Un Poquito Na’ Ma’ (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Alexis & Fido – Rampleteo (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Wisin & Yandel – Vamos A Abusar (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft De La Ghetto – Gualla Pantalon (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Baby Rasta Ft Tito El Bambino – Dime La Verdad (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Divino – Amor Como Hago (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Guelo Star – En Lo Oscuro (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Erick Rincon – Baila A Lo Loco (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft J-Alvarez Ft Nova & Jory Ft Ñengo Flow – (Unconfirmed name) (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)

Not Confirmed:
Jowell & Randy – Chica Akolatronica (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Jowell & Randy Ft Lui-G – ( Unconfirmed name) (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)
Randy Ft Guelo Star Ft Divino – ( Unconfirmed name) (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)

Recorded but not mastered yet:
Randy Ft Arcangel – Acomodate (Coming Soon) (Sobredoxis)

[Mixtape] Paul Wall - No Sleep Til Houston

[Photo] Randy cuts Jowell's hair for the video of "Ragga Dub"

Now here's a shocking picture how Randy is cutting the hair of his musical partner Jowell and Jowell looks very upset about this! What happened after this and how Jowell looks after the haircut we'll see soon in their upcoming video Ragga Dub.

[Official Video] Dev Feat. Fabolous - Kiss My Lips

Here's the video to the collaboration between Dev & Fabolous - Kiss My Lips. Dev's album The Night The Sun Come Up is scheduled for March 26th.

[Download] Delirious - Good Feeling (Spanish Remix)

The guys from Masacre Musical just love to make Spanish remixes to some hot worldwide hits. Actually they do this pretty good. This time Delirious present his remix to Good Feeling by Flo Rida.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

[Official Video] Travis Porter Feat. Tyga - Ayy Ladies

The video Ayy Ladies of Travis Porter Feat. Tyga . It's the firs single off the upcoming Travis Porter debut album.

[Official Video] Shako "El Sh" - Facil

Here is the new video of Shako "El Sh" called Facil. The video is shot in Cancun, Mexico and Medellin, Colombia. We expect soon the video to the remix with Jowell and Yomo. Till then you can hear and download the remix here.

[Mixtape] Chingy - Jackpot Back

1.Jackpot Back
3.We N Hurr
4.Good Up (Ft. Samo, J Jus, Niddy)
5.I Am (Ft. Rich Money, Shaun Li, Lil Bit, Niddy)
7.Bout My Paper
8.Bitch I'm Rolling
9.Swagg On It
10.Pop That
11.Do It With Yo Face (Ft. Hakeem Da Dream)
12.Love No Hoes
13.She Don't Know
14.All Night
15.Stay N Da Aurr (Ft. M.C)
16.Let It Go
18.Kodakk - Wurr You From (Ft. Mr. Mr.)

[Behind The Scenes] Young Jeezy Feat. Ne-Yo - Leave You Alone

There's a behind the scenes for Young Jeezy & Ne-Yo video Leave You Alone, directed by Taj. The whole video coming soon.

Photos of making the video "Guaya"

Here are the photos of Daddy Yankee, Arcangel "La Maravilla" and Musicologo & Menes of making the video "Guaya".

[Lyrics] Cheka Feat Juno - No Dice Nah


La toco, la jalo, la beso, le quito la ropa y no dice na'
La agarro, la envuelvo en el suelo y envuelta en la nota no dice nah
Y ella se quita la camisa
(Cara e' bandida)
Me baja en pantalón
Hicimos el amor sin prisa
Esta tan bueno que no dice nah...

Le gusta, le encanta, me pide que le de un poquito más
Me sube, me baja, a toa' que ya no me dice nah

Esta noche va a correr por la mía
Quitate la ropa para darte una barrida
Y hacerte de to', ma' soy el duraco
J.U.N.O de toditos el mas bellaco

Ella lo sabe y me da lo que yo quiero
Porque le hago de to' pa' bajar su bellaquera
Ella no dice nah por eso la busco
Nada de complicaciones, los dos estamos adultos

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Y a dartelo, y si quieres un poquito, pues yo te lo doy
De todas las posiciones y las veces que la quieras
Esta tan bueno que no dice nah...

Le gusta, le encanta, me pide que le de un poquito más
Me sube, me baja, a toa' que ya no me dice nah

Nah ella no dice nada
Por aquí, por allá hasta por la mañana
Duro y salvaje, QUE? Rompemos la cama
Me la fumo toa' como un Bloc de Marihuana

No, no dice nah, ella nunca dice nah, se me queda calla'
Le gusta porque...
No, no dice nah, ella nunca dice nah, se me queda calla'
Shhh, tú sabes qué...

Cheka se manda y ledy le manda
Pero sin calma y después de la janga
Fuimos pa' la cama y mi cama no se empalaga porque...
Esta tan bueno que no dice nah...

La toco, la jalo, la beso, le quito la ropa y no dice na'
La agarro, la envuelvo en el suelo y envuelta en la nota no dice nah
Y ella se quita la camisa
(Cara e' bandida)
Me baja en pantalón
Hicimos el amor sin prisa
Esta tan bueno que no dice nah...

Le gusta, le encanta, me pide que le de un poquito más
Me sube, me baja, a toa' que ya no me dice nah

Juno "The Hitmaker" mami
Nosotros si que somos música
Tú sabes
New Records
Hey saga!
Saga Neutron
Oye nando, dile que estamos haciendo ticket en todos laos'
The Hitmaker
Que ya no me dice nah.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

[Cover] Nova Ft J-Albert, JQ, La Jota, El Gran Jaypee, El Cone, & Los Espaciales – Curiosidad Me Mata (Official Remix)

Here is the cover of the future remix of La Curiosidad Me Mata including Nova Ft J-Albert, JQ, La Jota, El Gran Jaypee, El Cone, & Los Espaciales. We expect soon the remix.

[Cooming Soon] El Mixtape "Yo Soy Kenai" comes out on 24 March

Here is the video in wich Kenai inform about details from the future Mixtape called Yo Soy Kenai. For the mixtape he works with big names like Nelly "El Arma Secreta", Tainy, Musicologo & Menes, Jeffra El Diestro, Richie Pena. In this video he says also thay the mixtape will comes out on 24 March.

Monday, 5 March 2012

[Download] Marvin Ft Genio & Baby Johnny – Sin Permiso (Prod. By Gaby Music & Naldo)

Here is a collaboration between Marvin and Genio & Baby Johnny called Sin Permiso. The track is perreo and is produced by Gaby Music and Naldo.

[Lyrics] Baby Rasta y Gringo Ft. Pacho y Cirilo, Ñengo Flow, Voltio, Kendo Kaponi y J Alvarez – Los Duros

Que facil es hablar Que andan buscandome
De espaldas frente a otro amenasandome
Son como la sombra no se dejan ver
Yo sigo creciendo…..
Dejense ver…estan guerreando ustedes solos
Formando guerra en un telefono sin tono
Van a entender de donde somos
cuando te pillen los lobos
Dejense ver…estan guerreando ustedes solos
Formando guerra en un telefono sin tono
Van a entender de donde somos
cuando te pillen los lobos
El malanteo sigue a la milla
To’ el mundo esta enflacao y sin barbilla
son tantas las masacres que ya no ahy cinta amarrilla pa’ la escena
Masacres de cantante que dan pena
Solo se que ustedes es el que navega se encadena
Ustedes son una niñas aqui si te lambe te enmartilla
En esta isla tropical fue donde nacio la babilla
De caminar por la orilla y portarse bonito
El ambiente ta’ caldeao el maleanteo en la avenida
Me tiran mal de ojo, quieren guerrear conmigo sin poder lo mio son las guerrillas y violencia pa’ resolver
Parecen chamaquitos jugando al esconder Les vamos a dar unas chivas namas’ dejense ver
Pa’ que tu veas ponte el listo ready tamos’ en la brea te toco la fea alrrato chambeas
Le caemos donde sea somos como el amanecer namas de vernos les da dearrea
Sigan fronteando de que me faltan artistas que no esten loquitos con las dobles caras pa’ medirlos a toditos hasta con la misma vara
Chorros e’ puercos la razon de ustedes despues de una pela
Hasta que los pillemos solos y los peguemos como velcro
La cuarenta le gusta chotear con el de treinta
Pa’ que cuando jale el poder se sienta
Hablan tanta mierda y no me pueden aplastar
Le pusiste un limit pero no entran a la cuenta
Esta noche con los lobos dando ronda
Si nebuleaste con nosotros no te escondas
El mago tiene un aladinno de bajo de la alfombra
Que te mata en la muelonda
Dejense ver…estan guerreando ustedes solos
Formando guerra en un telefono sin tono
Van a entender de donde somos
cuando te pillen los lobos
Andan bajando aplicaciones pa’ de otro numero enviarme textos
Y llamandome en privado pa’ ver si contesto
Dale dejate ver raton dame un pretexto
Que cuando te pillemos te vamos a quitar lo de insecto
Blom blom yo te meto green yo no me fumo un blon
Yo me se tu mujerias las del sendo bobolon
Las haya de kendo es de jordan y las mia es de kitty
Cuando te ven amarrao les digo michi michi
El hombre lobo salio pa’ la calle nosotros sabemos tu gato con lujos de detalle
Sabemos toas’ las mascaras que te disfrasan
Y a la que te pongas payaso pasamos por tu casa
Los lobos tan creando clan igual control con alcaeda
Tu asustao con 100 can y escoltao’ en venezuela
No entiendo te haces de pikete bravo
Tu puedes ser protagonista del cartel de los sapos
Te exploto un glock quisas algo me vean de la mara
Te tengo un regalito y es un buen tiro en la cara
Que te parece no lo pense dos veces que me encanta como suena esta cabron y se estremese
Portate bien pana mio
Que porque no estemos en la calle no quiere decir que no eh’ regar lo que digo
Sigo llenando el podium eso me lo sigo
Si quiere un par de pesos o en la cuenta te consigno
Yo no soy rencoroso, y no se lo que es la envidia por eso sigo cada dia mas poderoso
Sin cojones me tienes valor de un trozo
Y en esta pendeja’ yo si soy el mas costoso
Blanco fley el mejor del mercado
Cabron voy camino pa’ la sima
En tos’ los paises eh dejao la presta en la tarima
Y soy mejor que tu rima por rima
Soy el dueño del bisne
Y sigo contando chavos con una botella eh’ wisky
Estoy vacilando como si estuviera en disney
Y toas’ tus gatas quieren hacerme un striptis
La noche negras como changos si no estoy me tiran fango pero cuando estoy de frente toitos’ me bajan cambios
En cambio yo vivo desifrando el porque ustedes tienen glock y nunca le han tocado el mango
Les falta valor el boton del bloguer dice solo da calor que si le aprieto voy a demostrar el motor
Con los palos y de los malo tu te alegras y vas a morirte cuando veas de frente el infinity negra

[Lyrics] Magnate & Valentino Ft. Lui-G & Reykon – Rompiendo la Cama (Remix)

son 6 de la mañana
y esta loca por salir en su casa
ya no quiere domir
quiere romper mi cama
y es cuando me llama
llamo toda la noche
esperando por ti
y no puedo dormir de
solo pensar en ti
Tú y yo (tú y yo)
Haciendo el amor hasta por la mañana
Rompiendo la cama ma (mas na’)
Cama ma ma ma ma ma
La cama ma ma ma ma ma
Hey, Hey
Empezamos a las p.m.
Terminamos a las a.m.
Como te metes en la boca el pene
Los vecinos quejándose por el alboroto
Y es que gritas como loca cuando te toco ese toto
Todas las posiciones las hacemos (tu sabes)
Y con sexo oral es que nos prendemos
En la cama amanecemos
Hasta que nos cansemos
Es que tú lo haces tan bueno
Si fuera por mi te lo haría
Hasta el otro día
Y créeme que todos tus rotos visitaría
Amanecer sin ti como seria
En verdad, creo que una total porquería
Tú y yo
Haciendo el amor hasta por la mañana
Rompiendo la cama ma (mas na’)
Cama ma ma ma ma ma
La cama ma ma ma ma ma
siempre pensando que tienes
su cuerpo me entretiene
y se nota en su carita cuando se le viene
quiero conplacerla quiero tenerla
no veo la hora quiero volverla a ternerla
cuando estaba conmigo recuerdo esa mirada
yo que era prohibido cuando se enamoraba
recuendo esa mirada con la que me besabas
extraño esos besitos alla en la madrugada
Tú y yo
Haciendo el amor hasta por la mañana
Rompiendo la cama ma (mas na’)
Cama ma ma ma ma ma
La cama ma ma ma ma ma
Y a ella le gusta que en la cama
Yo la embarre chocolate
Siente el calor
Y me dice que le late
Esto no pa-pa-parará
No perche el lao y ahí tu verás
Que de seguro me quedo yo
Azotarte y darte calor
Como en los viejos tiempos
Cuando me decías adentro
Tú pides más-más
Yo te doy más-más
Tu pides más-más-más yo te doy
Tú pides más-más
Yo te doy más-más
Tu pides más-más-más yo te doy
Tú y yo
Haciendo el amor hasta por la mañana
Rompiendo la cama ma
Cama ma ma ma ma ma
La cama ma ma ma ma ma
Es que tú lo haces tan bueno
Mama mama mama
Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu y yo
Todas las posiciones las hacemos
Tú pides más-más
Yo te doy más-más
Créeme que todos tus rotos visitaría

[Official Video] Red Cafe Feat. Diddy, 2 Chainz & French Montana - Let It Go (Remix)

Red Cafe drops the video to the remix of Let It Go. Diddy, 2 Chainz & French Montana also add some verse to it.

[Official Video] Juhn "El All Star" Ft. Omy Sky Tune & Juno "The Hit Maker" - Encendia (Remix) Official Video

Finally here is the official video Encendia remix starring  Juhn "El All Star" Ft. Omy Sky Tune & Juno "The Hit Maker". We show you earlier the preview so enjoy the video.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

[Mixtape] Eme Music Presenta Los Duros

1. Eme ‘El Mago’ – Intro (Prod. Santana)
2. Baby Rasta y Gringo Feat. Pacho y Cirilo, Nengo Flow, Voltio, Kendo Kaponi y J.Alvarez – Los Duros 
3. Kendo Kaponi – Perros y Demonios
4. Baby Rasta y Gringo – Luna Llena
5. Kendo Kaponi Feat. J Alvarez – Así Soy
6. Bobby El Lobo Negro Feat: Jomar – Desnudarte
7. Pacho y Cirilo – Ella Quiere
8. Santana Feat. Gotay y Lui-G – Bellaquisimo
9. Baby Rasta y Gringo – Piensas En Mi
10. Kendo Kaponi Feat. Arcángel – Baja El Fronte Mostro
11. Pacho y Cirilo Feat. Baby Rasta y Gringo – Se van a Morir
12. Eme ‘El Mago’ Feat. Baby Rasta – Veredicto de Muerte
13. Gringo Feat. Kendo Kaponi – Bailame
14. Bobby “El Lobo Negro” Feat. Baby Rasta y Gringo – Pa’Tras 
15. Santana Feat. Baby Rasta y Gringo – Y Tu?
16. Bobby El Lobo Negro Feat: Baby Rasta – Seduceme
17. Baby Rasta y Gringo – NaNaNaNaNa
18. Kendo Kaponi – La 40

[Preview] Prynce El Armamento Feat. Juno "The HitMaker" - No Me Hables De Amor

Here's the preview to the remix of No Me Hables De Amor. This project between Prynce El Armamento & Juno "The HitMaker" was announced before and now here are some results.

[Download] Magnate & Valentino Feat. Lui-G 21 Plus & Reykon - Rompiendo La Cama (Remix)

In this remix the Colombian reggaetonero Raykon adds some verse to Rompiendo La Cama by Magnate & Valentino Feat. Lui-G 21+ and the result is pretty good.

[Download] Killatonez - Noche De Party (Prod. By Alzule El Bioquimico & Hi-Flow)

A new song by Killatonez who has proven himself as one of the good new reggaetoneros. Noche De Party is a track with some good sound, produced by Alzule El Bioquimico & Hi-Flow

[Download] JP El Sinico - La Sinica (Prod. by Super Yei & Hi-flow)

JP El Sinico presents La Sinica - a track with some hard dembow flow produced by Super Yei & Hi-Flow

[Download] Trebol & DJ Joe - Brava (Prod. by DJ Joe & Rivas)

Fantasy Records present something from the upcoming mixtape Yo Soy Trebol by of course Trebol (already without "Clan") and DJ Joe. Brava is in the well known their style and the fans won't be disappointed 

[Download] Nengo Flow Feat. Rashan - Sin Conocerte (Prod. by Keko Musik)

Here's a party anthem by the king of malianteo Nengo Flow. It's always good when he is in a song with more melody. In Sin Conocerte he is with Rashan and the track is produced by Keko Musik.

[Download] Antony Yetzon Feat. Alexis & Farruko - Al Asecho (Prod. by DJ Urba & Rome)

This is an interesting collaboration Antony from Los Yetzons featuring Farruko and Alexis from the duo Alexis & Fido in As Asecho. It sounds pretty good. The Alexis  part is very good with some rapid rapping. The track is produced by the perreo classics DJ Urba & Rome.

[Download] Benny Benni feat. Endo - Plo Plo Plo (Prod. by Musicologo & Menes)

 The Masacre Musical boys are working hard with Musicologo & Menes. Here's another hit by them Plo Plo Plo. Benny Benni & Endo are spitting some good verses on the solid beat.

[Download] Cheka feat. Juno " The Hitmaker " - No Dice Nah (Prod. by Saga Neutron)

Here is a new song between the brothers Juno "The Hitmaker" and Cheka. I think that they are perfect combination when make music. The track is produced naturally by Saga Neutron and is called No Dice Nah. This song is real reggaeton hit. So enjoy it!